One-to-one lessons

I am offering one-to-one online classes through Zoom, 1 hour long each. You can take them separately or in modules of 4 classes, once a week and with a discount on their price. A one hour lesson costs 40 American dollars but if you pay for 4 classes they cost 35 each.

In all cases we will make a previous video call of approx. 20 minutes duration, where I will tell you the details about my teaching method and if you still don’t have a harmonica, I will advise you on the purchase.

If your level is intermediate or advanced and you are looking to improve your skills on the harmonica, this video call will serve to evaluate the specific areas you would like to improve, such as: bending notes, blues improvisation, among others. I will ask you to play a few short pieces on your harmonica. This will help me better understand your current level and identify the technical aspects in which I could assist you. It will also allow me to plan the classes according to your needs.

Although it is true that today you can learn by watching YouTube videos, by far the best way is to have the guidance of a teacher who tells you at the moment if you are doing things correctly and following a well-structured work plan.

“Having an online teacher like Bruno has helped me understand techniques in harmonica playing and motivated me to practise consistently. I wasn’t a complete beginner, but now I know a lot more and, more importantantly, I know how to learn and improve.

Learning to play harmonica used to be a bit ‘hit and miss’ for me.

There were no harmonica teachers close enough to visit. Good players often didn’t know how to teach. YouTube videos were sometimes useful but there was no feedback.

Despite time differences between Uruguay and Australia, Bruno has managed to set up a regular series of lessons that go at my own pace. He has a very structured, friendly, patient approach to teaching and provides plenty of resources, audio and printed, to make practising easier to do and more effective.”

Caroline Cleland